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Mushroom Extracts

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Highest ConcentrationHighly Bio-availlable
100% organic100% fruiting bodyAlcohol/Solvent free
Highest Concentration
Highly Bio-available
100% Organic
100% Fruiting body
Alcohol/Solvent free extraction

Full Spectrum Extracts

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 Azoth creates organic and potent mushroom extracts using proprietary extraction process that negates the use of any alcohol or solvents. By combining groundbreaking science with natures bounty we deliver revolutionary extracts made from a single natural source –
the mushroom.

Presenting the world's first completely water soluble
Cordyceps Militaris
full spectrum extract with the highest concentration of bio-active compounds.

Benefits of cordyceps
Reduces physical fatigue
Anti-aging effect
Antioxidant and immunoenhancing activities
Protects mitochondria
Potential antitumor and anticancer activity
Helps to control type 2 diabetes
Helps to treat chronic kidney disease
Improves liver function
Possible benefits for heart health
Lowers cholesterol levels
May relieve asthma


Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements



Anti aging

Anti Aging



Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Foods and beverages

Foods and beverages

Magical (but not magic) mushrooms

Maitake Mushroom

So what are medicinal (or adaptogenic) mushrooms? Sometimes people ask us if our mushrooms are the psychedelic (or magic) kind. They're not! But we think they're pretty magical nonetheless. Medicinal mushrooms (sometimes called functional or adaptogenic) support overall wellness including brain function, immunity, and emotional calm and well-being. Each medicinal mushroom has a different positive effect. Most are potent antioxidants and create homeostasis, or balance, in our body, mind and immune system. Yay!

How do we extract these adaptogens?

Ganoderma mushroom

It would be nice if you could just eat an adaptogenic mushroom and enjoy all its benefits, but there’s a problem. The valuable nutrients inside these mushrooms are trapped inside a material called chitin,which is a super-tough fiber that gives the fruiting body structure. Most people can’t digest chitin, however, which means they can’t absorb the adaptogens the chitin holds. These adaptogens are not “bioavailable.” In order to get the beta glucans and triterpenes out of the mushrooms we have to extract the adaptogens using completely organic and proprietary process.

Our Process
Our innovative process selection of extraction guarantees highest quality extract because we use the best quality fungal strains, organic substrate and chemical less and alcohol less extraction technology.

Our innovative process selection of extraction guarantees highest quality extract because we use the best quality fungal strains, organic substrate and chemical less and alcohol less extraction technology.

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Selection of fungal strains

Azoth Biotech is the only company in India using its own registered culture, registered and self identified
under NCBI. no.-MT072260

Growing of Azoth mushrooms

The mushrooms are grown in carefully regulated growing conditions and produce the most vital mushroom fruiting bodies. The fruiting body is the most potent part of the mushroom,rich in the compounds of interest. Only mushroom fruiting bodies are used to produce Azoth Mushroom extracts

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Drying and Grinding

The mushroom fruiting bodies are placed into a dryer at a low temperature of 40o Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) to ensure preservation of the compounds of interest. Mushrooms are then processed through a coarse grinder.

Quality Management

Quality control for indoor growing includes testing the raw materials (substrate) for contamination (heavymetals), controlled growing conditions (specific temperature, humidity,CO2/02 and light), regular inspections of mushrooms as they grow and inspectionfor contamination during harvesting.

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Through our proprietary extraction technology, we achieve the most concentration of Cordycepin, beta-Glucan and adenosine and the highest concentration of polysaccharides than any other extract in the market.

3rd party Re-evaluation of quality control

Samples are sent to a 3r party laboratory for bioactive compound levels as well as microbiological and heavy metal testing.

3rd party quality control

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